A Canadian restaurant has the perfect recipe

A Canadian restaurant has the perfect recipe… for adopting Bitcoin!

On Twitter, the restaurant chain Tahini’s has started a discussion with other users on the advantages of cryptocurrents

A Canadian restaurant chain known for its shawarma, hummus and other Middle Eastern delicacies discussed on Twitter why Bitcoin (BTC) is a better value reserve than gold.

In a series of tweets, Ontario’s Tahini’s Restaurants explained why Bitcoin, and not gold, is the best way to preserve their wealth:

„We looked our financial advisor in the eye and told him that gold will turn into a scam because of Bitcoin. The golden years are counted“.

According to the restaurant, contrary to what the various „gold bugs“ think, the real value of the Bitcoin System precious metal comes from the people and institutions that store it in the vaults as a commodity, but Bitcoin changes all that.

Tahini continued to write:

„Unlike gold, Bitcoin is 100% a coin. This means that it is not used for electronics or other uses other than pure and simple money“.


„Bitcoin dematerializes value and makes it digital, which makes it easier to move money around the world without the need for third parties. We can move $100 million from Canada to the UK and then to Australia and back to Canada in 2 hours for $30 USD MAXIMUM“.

Add criticism of Peter Schiff for his reluctance to distance himself from precious metals and you get a surprisingly inspiring Twitter thread… although it’s not necessarily the kind of stimulus you’d expect from a Canadian restaurant chain.

Tahini has already expressed his disdain for gold in lesser terms earlier this month, when he tweeted: „gold is a valuable reserve of m***a…“.

Tahini had also been at the centre of the crypto news in August, when he announced that he would convert all his cash reserves to BTC. The decision has earned the praise of experts such as Anthony Pompliano, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert.

But it’s not just a Canadian restaurant that thinks gold is losing ground to Bitcoin

JPMorgan, Bitcoin’s arch rival, also thinks that BTC is slowly replacing gold. The bank has stated:

„The adoption of Bitcoin by institutional investors is only in its infancy, while the adoption of gold is very advanced. If this theory proves to be correct in the medium to long term, the price of gold could experience structural turbulence in the coming years“.

2021 has the potential to be an exciting year for Bitcoin. With institutional adoption on the way, companies like Tahini are sending a strong message to small and medium-sized businesses: the value of your money is decreasing rapidly and Bitcoin is the only asset designed to preserve purchasing power over time.